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PlayCards - Toddler 1

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This set is designed to develop and exercise age-appropriate visual field navigation skills and early learning skills by playing the ‘Find It’ game and interacting with the foundation attribute cards including color, form, size and amount. These skills include; eye teaming, focus, attention, acuity & discrimination (foreground/background separation), recognition (basic attribute categories), memory (‘playing the game’) and language (visual & finger pointing/saying a sound and/or word).

The Toddler 1 Cognitive cards engage and exercise recognition of:

  • Primary and Secondary Colors
  • 3 Foundation Shapes (circle,square, and star)
  • The foundation attribute of size and quantity (amounts up to 3)
  • Optionally introducing color math
  • Foundation labeling
  • 6 sets of 20 Cards; 1 - 2 years